Monday, 28 July 2008

Go Team GB!

So I'm still not doing very well keeping this thing updated... And so much to blog about too!

First off, for the first time in a long time things are looking up. I had an interview last week for a job I really wanted, didn't hold out much hope of getting it but it really was my dream job. Tuesday, the day after the interview, I was offered the position... Thrilled is not the word! Starting on September 1st as well, which means I get to spend the summer with Mr Perfect while The Boy is visiting my parents.

Just before this, we paid another visit to Heath's with a whole bunch of stitch markers for knitters and crocheters - 14 sets of 5 knitting markers, 6 sets of 5 luxury knitting markers (made with pearls and crystal and gemstones) and 6 sets of 3 crochet markers. Mr P had printed off some professional looking cards which I'd tied the sets to with ribbon, and they all looked beautiful:

Each set was different, and all the knitting markers had one that was slightly longer than the other four, so the knitter can use it for the end of the round, or the centre of the lace, or whatever s/he wants. Heath seemed pretty pleased with them, and now has a gorgeous display of them right on the counter! We'll see how well they sell...

On the same trip, a little skein of Manos del Uruguay 6610 (Autumn colours) found its way into my stash *teehee* and we celebrated the success of the stitch markers with a couple of pints in Beeston while watching the Boothill Toetappers (scroll down a bit) who had me toe-tapping along. A very very lovely day all round really.

Last entry's gorgeous Lana Grossa yarn is becoming socks:

(it's very difficult to take photographs of one's own feet). I just love the whole tweedy stripiness thing going on with this yarn, and want at least two balls of every colour available. This second sock is going to have to grow fast because I have a ton of stuff needing to be finished before Ravelympics starts!

And oh, dear, I think I may have fallen down and I can't get up... I have signed up for 9 (yes NINE!) projects to be cast on during the opening ceremony and finished before the flame goes out 17 days later. Plus one entry for WIPs Wrestling (fortunately she only needs an arm... and a dress, and more hair, and a little emo amigurumi dollie of her very own). For Team GB we have entries for GiftKnits Pentathlon (4 washcloths), Baby Dressage/Hat Dash/Cable Steeple Chase (hat and jacket combo for M&R's baby due in September) and Balance Beads/Cowl Jump/Laceweight Long Jump (Ice Queen cowl). For Team Ankh-Morpork Knitters' Guild we have WIPs Wrestling (the aforementioned doll, named Perdita X Nitt after a Terry Pratchett character from the book Maskerade) and Amigurumi 'n' Toys Toss / the fifth GiftKnits Pentathlon entry (ChimuChinu's lovely amigurumi monkey, who I will try to make look something like The Librarian from the Discworld novels). For Team Rubberneckers in the Sock Put event there will be a pair of Rubbernecking Socks (actually, plain socks to my own recipe) made using this yarn:

from Angels & Elephants eBay shop, Brinsu 4ply sock yarn, colour 'Zennor'. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous stuff. A few more of their sock yarns ended up in my stash (I had an accident with a debit card):

That's Autumn Leaves (shetland), Blue Moon (Brinsu), Raspberry Ripple (shetland) and Seaspray (shetland). Aren't they pretty? They're going to have to stay in stash for the time being though, but I promise to take them out and pet them every so often...

*ahem* back to the Ravelympics. Finally, for Team Hopelessly Overcommitted (9 projects? In 17 days? I'd say that's overcommitted, even for me. I'm not that fast a knitter) I am entered into the Bag 'n' Tote Backstroke and Felted Freestyle with a purple felted bag kit I bought a while ago from Knitting4Fun.

Nine projects plus one WIP, covering twelve events, 17 days to do it all in.

I am officially insane.

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