Friday, 8 January 2010

Hello 2010!

So we're a week into the new year and new decade, and things have changed a LOT since I last posted. Since my last post, I've gained and lost a job (no, it wasn't the job of my dreams after all), lost twins to a miscarriage at 12 weeks and gained a beautiful, incredible daughter who was born last September. Mr Perfect has had his own challenges to face, and is dealing with those particular demons brilliantly. We are still so, so in love, and it just gets better. The Boy is doing better than he was - I think the stress and pain I had been experiencing for 2008 followed by a tiring pregnancy had left him a little bit lost. He's always been very sensitive to how I feel, and when I'm stressed or down he plays up. We had an unexpected and tragic family loss in October which has left us all reeling and counting our blessings. Two days after this was my grandmother's 90th birthday, the celebrations for which have been put on hold until the family recovers.

As nearly all of my creativity for the past couple of years has been focussed on babies, and the creating and losing and eventually creating and birthing thereof, I haven't been as arty as I would have liked. But 2010 will be different, and so I now dedicate this blog to my beautiful daughter, known as The Lady Eleanor of Boux (or Ellie-boo for short). It's going to be a blog hopefully filled with art, crafty stuff, family life and maybe the odd recipe.

To begin with, I am currently in the middle of creating a craft room out of a narrow utility room off the kitchen. For the last two years this room has been filled with boxes of art stuff, magazines and general detritus that had nowhere else to go after I moved in 2007. Slowly but surely it's becoming a proper 'studio' - windowless and not wide enough to swing a mouse, much less a cat, but MINE! So, onward, ever onward.... off to get rid of another box of tut!

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